DFS Error error ID: 9032 (The connection is shutting down). Event ID: 5002

1.DFS Replication cannot replicate with partner <server> due to a communication error. The DFS Replication service used partner DNS name <server.domain>, IP address x.x.x.x, and WINS address <server> but failed with error ID: 9032 (The connection is shutting down). Event ID: 5002.

The problematic replicated folder is “waiting for initial replication”, this could be due to not setting the primary member

Please run the following command to find if you have any primary server already for that RG name (IsPrimary=Yes)
Dfsradmin Membership List /RGname:<replication group name> /attr:MemName,RFName,IsPrimary

If the result shows the value for IsPramary attribute is “No”, that means you don’t have any primary server. In this situation, you may set the primary server using the following command
Dfsradmin Membership Set /RGName:<replication group name> /RFName:<replicated folder name> /MemName:<computer name of the member you want to set> /IsPrimary:True

Example : dfsradmin membership set /RGname:contoso.com\namespace\source /RFName:source /memname:Server1 /isPrimary:True

2. Increase the staging folder size to double for the problematic replicated folder if space is available.